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Today I learned that the Huff Post is fine with someone following men who have taken their their kids to a theme park for a day out, taking their photos without their consent and calling them Dads I’d Like to Fuck and saying “DILFs beware we will find you whether you like it or not” and actually refers to this creepshotting as “genius”

but how fucking DARE you put high heels and eyelashes on an M and M mascot character 

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Man…that is really creepy. :| 


It’s time to brush aside the oft regurgitated myth that strong female leads in videogames are and have always been nonexistent or relegated to background or joke status. In order of 

appearance, if you wanna sing along:

Odessa, Kanono, Rosella, Alena, Hatsune Miku, Lyonesse
Mackenzie, and Freya and Beatrix and Eiko, Megurine Luka, Celes
then Marta and Sypha and Farah Cecilia, Jill Valentine, Maya, Garnet
Aya Brea, Chris Lightfellow, Meliadoul, Agrias, Rafa, Junon and Colette

Nakoruru, Shantotto, Lucia, Lucia, Leona, Leona, Emilia
Asellus, Luna, Yuna, Kunoichi, Feena Katt Rutee Mary and Phillia

Miria, MsPacMan, Red Eye, Fio Germi, then Nadia and Irene Lew 
Opera, Precis, and Lyndis and Jenna then Gum, Cube Piranha and Mew
Tengaar, Kasumi, Cornette, Ladybug, Mia Hamm, Tyra Elson Papri
Timegal and Rydia Charlotte and Lara Croft Monica Kid and Chun Li

Every female ruler you play in Civ 4, and then Samus well that’s a no brainer
Josephine, Alyx Vance, Pyra and Jade and all female pokemon trainers

there’s Lightning and eri, rose and then sami and then goku’s granddaughter pan
Princess Erika, Bianca, Lukia, but only if you buy your games in Japan

Marle and miyaka then ayla then lucca then blaze ronnie bell and aeris
the version with clothes, athena and king alisa stewart and faris

Lissandra, Irelia Karma Quinn Poppy Soraka Lux Lulu Diana
Caitlyn, Cassiopeia, Fiora Annie and Sona Jinx Nami Tristana

there’s rena and terra and relm and micaiah bayonetta maria renard
and lena and alis masuyo baraduke tower of druaga’s ishtar.

sonia sonia sonia sonia sona? that is an overused name
teefa and teefa… there’s only two teefas valis is from her own game

any game where you can make your own character that applies to male or female gamers
that’s a good chunk of the videogame library…

so when they tell you
they’re not represented
kindly go tell them
to learn about gaming
pick up a controller
and play

And there is still people he left out! 


Mulp I am Snake’s ass #1 fan would you like to join our club



Mulp I am Snake’s ass #1 fan would you like to join our club


So I’ve been working at Wal-Mart as an overnight stocker for one week now and just finished my two days off, going back tonight. The verdict?

Eh, it’s fine. It’s not the hours that bother me (10pm - 7am) because I’m a night owl and have no problem staying up but it’s my feet at the end of the days that kill me. The job goes back and forth between being fine to being kind of stressful, I guess it just really depends what they have me doing. For some reason they really love putting me in the Automotive department, which is fine because by now I know where mostly everything is, but the past two nights I was there by myself. Which, again, isn’t  a HUGE deal, but when they expect us to be fast and efficient and I’m on my own and haven’t gotten used to the activity and they keep bringing out more stuff to stock it just gets me kind of on edge.

The worst part was a couple of nights ago where I had a pretty busy work load and then I’m told that the guy who was supposed to do hardware a few aisles over quit and that I was gonna have to help stock those items there just got me stressing like crazy. I know they’ve told us that they’re not really looking at us new guys about getting things on time because we’re still getting the hang of things and that speed comes with time and experience but I just hate when I end up taking longer than I should because my feet begin killing me and I get put in an area I’m not too familiar with yet.

But overall it’s not bad, time goes by REALLY fast, before I know it I’m already halfway through my schedule eating “lunch”. Just kind of sucks that my pay is bi-weekly, which isn’t a huge problem, but I currently have NO money at all and have been dependent on some of my family since they know I’ll be able to pay them back when I get paid. So waiting on my pay is testing my patience. With that being said it explains why I’ve been absent on tumblr, barely have time to check it anymore and haven’t had time to listen to any of the podcasts I listen to since I began so I’m WAY behind on those. Other than that I guess I’m managing to deal this new job.

sergestiles artfan88 tagged me or something. Don’t have a digital camera to use so just did this.

sergestiles artfan88 tagged me or something. Don’t have a digital camera to use so just did this.

Probably my favorite scene from The Thing. Just love the tension and how when something finally does happen it’s not accompanied by a huge orchestral sting, it just plays out and we’re left to ourselves to freak the fuck out.



Imagine this: You’re sitting in your animation history class. Your professor says that your classmate who sits two empty seats away from you is going to show his animation. Joy!

Then, projected ten feet tall in glorious HD, is an autobiographical piece about his life problems and his manic pixie dream girl purple skunk girlfriend. Complete with fade to black sex. And masturbation scene.

Imagine that and you will know a fraction of my pain.

holy piss

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here’s my new and improved amethyst. tbh i don’t even cosplay her i just am her lmao

why do white people cosplay characters of color

Why do dumbasses on Tumblr think a fictional character who is PURPLE isn’t able to be portrayed by someone of any race?


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